1. Eradicating mental cum physical poverty and dependency among young persons and women in Africa by helping them to discover their purpose and empowering them to live responsible, productive, successful, contributory and fulfilled life.
  1. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the helpless and reaching the unreached.
  1. Removal of street and homeless children from the streets, giving them life, re-orientating and taking care of them in foster home and reintegrating them into the society, school and family.
  1. Promotion of good health, healthy living and health literacy campaign in Africa.
  1. Promotion of good moral values among youth and growing children in Africa.
  1. To promote and contribute to mass literacy in Africa.
  1. Enhancing human right and democracy in order to foster development and prevent the spread of sickness and poverty in Africa.
  1. Promote establishment of cooperative societies in order to assist the less privileged young persons and women to be able to access non-interest small scale loans for small scale business ventures and industrial activities in order to reduce the rate of poverty, crime and social vices in the society.
  1. Promotion and enhancement of good family values and creating avenue for reuniting of abandoned street and homeless children with their identified families.


It is a common phenomenon to see many poor persons, wandering men, women and children on our streets and communities. Many of them go about naked, half-naked, hungry, haggard and hungry looking and in tattered clothes. They don’t have access to good food, portable water, good shelter, clothing and family care. Many of them are children between the ages of eight and fourteen years, and oftentimes far less than eight. Depending on the part of the country and continent, many were thrown out as child witches and they roam the streets and communities homeless. Some sleep in dilapidated public toilets. Some sleep under the bridges. Many of them are sick and worn out. Many often get raped and sexually abused. Should we abandon street children, homeless and helpless ones? Is it possible to help them, empower them, re-orientate them and reintegrate them into the society, so that they could meaningfully and positively contribute their quota towards societal, national and world development? Saying yes to these questions brought Reach Out Life International Foundation into existence.


The Reach Out Life International Foundation is a Non-Government Organization registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO 81169) for non-profit social interventions. She first started activities in Ibadan in 2011 as Reach Out Life Foundation (ROLF) with Ibadan North Local Government registration and later came to be registered as Reach Out Life International Foundation (ROLIF) with CAC. She focuses on helping the government to address issues of hunger, poverty and homelessness. She aims at helping the helpless, reaching the unreached, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and removal of abandoned homeless street children from the streets and giving them life and complete rehabilitation, re-orientation and reintegration. ROLIF also works hard to empower the young persons and young women and to help them discover their purpose so as to live responsible, productive, successful, active, contributory and fulfilled life. She also concentrates on community development, enhancement of democratic values, eradication of diseases and promotion of good health and healthy living in Africa. Membership of ROLIF is open to all men and women of goodwill irrespective of their race, color, and religion.


Our vision is to see a society where all are happy, all are cared for, all have dignity and where none is abandoned and marginalized especially children.


Our mission is to partner and collaborate with government, professionals and organizations to provide succor, rehabilitation and total care to the abandoned, helpless and homeless, and enhancing productivity of all persons in the society.


Hard work, Integrity, Focus, Team work, Respect to the dignity of all persons, Commitment, Openness and Love.


We rely on God for finance and resources to accomplish our mission daily. We also rely on the good will and response of our friends and whoever God sends our way including you.


ROLIF is for you if:

  • You are passionate in helping the poor and causing someone to smile.
  • You are passionate in being an agent of God’s love.
  • You want to preach the Gospel through giving help and lifting burdens.
  • You are passionate in sending missionaries into the interior places of Africa.
  • You want to see great manifestations of God’s blessings in your life.

Help us, support us, and partner with us with your donations. Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. (Luke 6:38)

  • You can send us materials such as clothes, foot wears for males and females, food stuffs and other relief materials.
  • You can also support us with Outreach Vehicles such as Pickup trucks or Mini buses for effective community and rural outreaches.